About Us

Brothers Raymond and Patrick Davoudi, and Aleko Achitpes, are just as much a part of Mezé as the whole crew, together yelling “OPA!” as one of Mezé’s signature saganakis is lit on fire tableside. These are two of the owners and the creators of this unparalleled Gaslamp Venue.

Mezé is the perfect gathering spot for special event celebrations, relaxing dinners with family and friends, a peaceful lunch, or a handcrafted cocktail and a quick bite to eat before heading to a Padres game, or a night out in the Gaslamp.

Our menu features finely crafted Greek cuisine with a Southern California twist. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and unabashed carnivore alike can comfortably sit side-by-side in one of the two private rooms and know that they are all about to have the best meal of their lives.

Fifteen Reasons Greeks Are Better At Life

Two words: Fried Cheese

Starbucks has got nothing on the Greek Frappe

We’ve turned eating LOTS & LOTS of oil into a healthy pastime

NO ONE makes a better salad, so don't even try

Wine comes first, water second

Feta is our national garnish

We’ve taken bar food to a whole new level

We never let tentacles scare us

No one’s pastry is as buttery, or as flaky, as our filo pastry

We’ve perfected the art of lingering over a meal

Tzatziki is our ketchup

We know that food and drinks taste better surrounded by friends and family

Honey flows freer than the wine in Italy

Our land is reserved for only important crops: olives and grapes

The Yogurt


345 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA


Sunday - Thursday 11:30am - 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday 11:30am - 10:30pm